Why Are We So Sick?

ulcerative-colitis-life-expectancyIn terms of life expectancy we (USA) are number 43 in the world (source) with a life expectancy of around 79 years. The top 3 countries with the longest life expectancy are Monaco (89 years), Japan (85 years), and Singapore (85 years).

We are only number 43 is terms of life expectancy, but we take about 50% all pharmaceutical drugs taken on this planet (source).

Think about that for moment, we are only about 5% of the world population and we take 50% all pharmaceutical drugs, but in terms of life expectancy we are only number 43. If that stuff was so good and helpful, you would expect us to be number 1 in terms of life expectancy. We are not even close.

Let’s also talk about quality of life. Living long is one aspect, but quality of life is another. In other words, how healthy is the average person until they die. Let’s do it by focusing on autoimmune diseases since ulcerative colitis is an autoimmune disease.

If you see the graph below (source), autoimmune diseases have been on the rise in the US since the 1950. Crohn’s (an advanced version of ulcerative colitis) has been increasing particularly fast. Why is that?


How do we compare against the world in terms of inflammatory bowel diseases, which includes ulcerative colitis? See map below on inflammatory bowel disease incidences (source). Well, we are leading and not in a good sense.


So let’s recap what we know and what we don’t know:

  • We use 50% of the world’s prescription drugs but are only number 43 in terms of life expectancy
  • Autoimmune diseases, like ulcerative colitis, in the US have been increasing rapidly since the 1950s.
  • Autoimmune diseases, like ulcerative colitis, are highest in the US, certain parts of Europe and in Australia.
  • Japan, for example, is number 2 in terms of life expectancy and has a very low incidence of autoimmune diseases.

So we know what is happening. We don’t know why it is happening. Here is where we go from facts to theory. I believe that ulcerative colitis is caused by our modern nutrition. That is it. I healed myself by changing my nutrition. Others have done the same. What seems to be the common denominator among those of us who healed themselves through alternative medicine is that we, in a nutshell, went back to living like in the 1930s without carbs and sugar. No fast food, cook from scratch, use only good water, eat a lot of vegies and probiotic food, and exclude or at least severely minimize carbs and sugar.

It is that simple.

Can I prove it? No.

Did I heal myself following this recipe? Yes, absolutely!

What I don’t get is, why don’t doctor recommend this? If I were a doctor and skeptical of the SCD diet or the anti-fungal diet, I could say keep using the prescription medication for ulcerative colitis, but make also the above discussed life style choice. They are not exclusive. One can do both.

The reason most doctors don’t recommend it, I believe, has to do with money. There is very little money in prescribing alternative medicine for ulcerative colitis or other autoimmune diseases.

My original conventional doctor, when I shared some of the initial success I had with my approach, said disappointingly, “Well, I guess then you don’t need me anymore.”

There was no curiosity, no happiness for me, just a disappointment that he might lose a paying customer. That is when I fired him.

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