Ulcerative Colitis And Educating Yourself

mandelaAs I tried to heal ulcerative colitis, I realized that I needed to be part of the solution. That meant reading up on ulcerative colitis by reading anything I could get my hands on. When my illness was in full swing, I had to be close (very close) to the bathroom anyway. So, I had plenty of time to read and research on the internet.

Before I go into the details, let’s step back a little bit.

For a long time, until around 1400, the Bible was only available in Latin. This was because only the priests were educated to understand Latin, and this gave the church ultimate power… a power to rule without question… a power to deceive… a power to extort money from the masses. Nobody could question their “Biblical” teachings, because few people other than priests could read Latin. The church capitalized on this forced-ignorance through the 1,000 year period from 400 AD to 1,400 AD knows as the “Dark and Middle Ages.”

When I learned about times like these in school, I was thinking how backward people were then, and how enlightened we are today.

But are we?

When I researched my illness and wanted to discuss it with my initial doctor, he was actually offended that I dared to question him. Me, a layman, wanting a medical discussion with my doctor. How dare I?

I fired him, and looked for another doctor.

My thinking was, how dare he? This is my life. I may die if I am wrong. Why should I just blindly submit? I have a brain. I can think. I can read. I can research, and I can become a knowledgeable layman with respect to my illness.

As a doctor, I need to understand every illness there is. That is a lot to learn and it takes many years. As a sick person, I only need to understand one illness. My illness. It is a lot easier.

After some trial and tribulations, I found a doctor who was willing to discuss options with me, answer my layman medical questions, and actually welcome my active role in the treatment of my illness.

For ulcerative colitis, there are a number of books and articles that helped me gain a different perspective:

In additional to my awesome holistic doctor, the information contained in 2 books really helped me to heal.

I started with the SCD Diet. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) is a diet plan that essentially limits most carbs and sugar. Removing the carbs that are difficult to digest and cause inflammation in the gut is the rationale of the diet, popularized by the late biochemist and author Elaine Gottschall, MSc, in her book, Breaking the Vicious Cycle: Intestinal Health Through Diet. Gottschall modeled the SCD based on the work of Sidney Haas, MD, who treated her then 5-year-old daughter, who had been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. The SCD diet was my initial approach and it improved my condition significantly. From 10 times a day of running to the bathroom with blood to about 3 times a day with sometimes blood.

I highly recommend this book. You can buy it on Amazon here. There are a number of folks in the Amazon review section who share how they healed their ulcerative colitis with this approach.

Then my doctor got me switched to the Anti-fungal diet by Doug Kaufman. The Anti-fungal diet also limits most carbs and sugar, and it adds some supplements to it to help the body heal faster. This approach really got me over the finish line and to total health.

Click here to learn more about it. I highly recommend his books (The Fungus Link – volume 1, 2 and 3). You can buy it here.

It may sound like the anti-fungal diet is more effective than the SCD diet. The truth is, I don’t know. If I stayed with the SCD diet, would it have healed me completely? I think that is very likely, as both approaches are very similar. I personally like the anti-fungal diet better since I figure that the supplements are really helpful, but everyone is different.

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