Ulcerative Colitis Alternative Treatment

inthedarkThere is a reason doctors tend to be, on average, against alternative medicine including against alternative treatment for ulcerative colitis. It is the same reason that makes finding a good doctor so difficult. Finding a good doctor can feel like walking through the night with a flashlight, trying to find something. It is not easy, but it can be done.

First one needs to overcome the doctor fiction. What is the doctor fiction?

We all want to believe in the fiction of benevolent all-knowing caring doctor who will take care of us and heal us. A person that we can trust 100% without giving it any further thought. A person, whose sole concern is to heal us. I would want that.

Reality, unfortunately, is different.

Whatever you decide to do, whatever medical procedure you will pursue, whatever the final outcome, one truth applies to all of us, there is ONLY one person who will have to bear the consequences and that is YOU. You have to live with the consequences of your choices and only you.

For example, suppose I am a car salesman and I am selling you what I believe is a good used car. If I am wrong, I may feel bad about it, but it is not my problem. It is your problem. You have to live with the consequences.

Or another example, suppose I am your investment advisor, and I put your retirement money in investments that are considered sound but ultimately fail. I may feel bad about it, but it is not my problem. It is your problem. You have to live with the consequences.

Getting medical treatment is no different. If the doctor is wrong, he may feel bad about it, but that is not his problem. It is YOUR problem. You have to live with the consequences.

Why am I saying all that?

The question is what is your mental model as you approach medical care. Do you think of yourself as an informed consumer who consults with the experts but makes the ultimate decision, or do you follow more an adult child relationship, where the doctor is the adult and you the child?

It matters.

But then, the argument goes, I may know what car to buy, but I can’t possibly understand medical issues and whenever my doctor talks I don’t understand a word.

It is has been my experience that if someone understand a subject matter well, he can explain it in simple terms. Einstein is quoted as saying the same thing.


Whenever I deal with an “expert,” be it medical, home improvement, investment advice, etc., I have a simple rule. If he can’t explain it in simple terms that I can understand, then either he does not know what he is talking about, or he wants to intimidate me so that I shut up and just do what he recommends.

In my life, I don’t do business with these kinds of people.

But I don’t want to give the impression that doctors are bad people. They are normal people with the same distribution of good and bad people as in any profession.

What most people don’t realize, is that being a good doctor is not easy. It can cost you money, your medical license and can get you even criminally charged. Now, surely, that sounds insane. Let me explain.

 Why Being A Doctor Is Not Easy
MoneyDoctors need to make money like all of us to support their family, pay the mortgage, etc.

Mainstream medical treatment usually pays best. From repeat visits of the patient to expensive prescription medication and expensive tests and procedures.

Alternative medical treatment usually does not pay much. Usually it requires the patient to change what they eat and drink, and how they live their life. It may require some supplements and alternative treatments, but that is usually comparatively cheap.

In summary, from a pure financial perspective, recommending alternative treatment is usually a bad financial choice for a doctor.
Medical LicenseAfter spending a lot of money (and it is a lot) and time on their education, a doctor’s ability to be a doctor requires him to be licensed by the Medical Board in the state where he is practicing.

If the Medical Board revokes his license, he can NOT practice as a doctor anymore. All the invested time and money to become a doctor was for nothing.

One safe way to ensure that you do NOT lose your medical license is to only practice what is considered mainstream medical opinion. Even if it does NOT heal the patient, you are safe since everyone is doing it.

Thinking for yourself and proposing alternative treatments that is not mainstream can result in your losing your license.

A doctor in Houston had to fight state and federal regulators for 15 years because he dared to try something else. Now, I have no idea if there is merit to his treatment, but shouldn’t that be between him and his patients (source article)?
Criminally ChargedIf a doctor follows the mainstream treatment ideas, he is safe from a criminal perspective. He is doing what everyone else is doing. Even if his patients die, it is ok because everyone else is doing it, and everyone else has the same result.

Thinking for himself, and agreeing with the patient on an alternative solution can result in the doctor facing criminal charges. A doctor in California is facing criminal charge for recommending a different vaccination schedule than the official version (source article). Again, I have no idea if there is merit to his treatment, but shouldn’t that be between him and his patients?
Patients“No good deed goes unpunished.”

Let’s be honest. Many people don’t want to change. They don’t want to hear the truth. What they want to hear from the doctor is “You are awesome. You are doing nothing wrong. Keep on eating & drinking whatever you like. It has no influence. You are just unlucky. Here take a pill, and go on living life. You are awesome.”

ostrichLike the fabled ostrich putting his head in the sand, many of us like to pretend that we are doing nothing wrong. We don’t want to hear the truth. If you keep poisoning your body by eating garbage and you are heavily overweight, you will most likely get sick and die early. If that offends you, welcome to the ostrich family.

If a doctor dares to tell the truth, he faces lawsuits and the loss of his medical license. Here is one example of a doctor calling his patient obese (what she was) trying to HELP her (source article). What did he get as a result for his caring? She filed a complaint with the medical board in her state because she was offended, and the doctor was actually investigated. Like the ostrich in the picture above, she wanted to hear “You are awesome. Just take a pill and all will be fine.”

With many patients like this, why should doctors try alternative medicine?

What does all this mean?

There is a time and place for conventional medicine, and there is a time and place for alternative medicine.

If you are a doctor, and you see yourself as a healer with one mission in life, healing your patients wherever that journey leads you, you are asking for trouble, a lot of trouble. You spend years and hundreds of thousands of dollars on your medical education, have student debt, a mortgage and a family, and now you have to treat a patient. What do you do?

Option 1, you follow the officially sanctioned treatment method. This is the safest option. No risk of being criminally charged and no risk of losing your license. In addition, this option makes the most money.

Option 2, you recommend an alternative treatment method that you believe in. Now you put yourself at risk of being criminally charged and losing your medical license. In addition, this option does not generate a lot of money.

So what do you do as a doctor?

Wouldn’t you be tempted to go with Option 1 and NOT recommend alternative treatment, if you were a doctor?

I know I would.

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