Ulcerative Colitis Diet

Ever since being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I researched, studied, and learned a lot. A lot about the illness, the role of nutrition, the role of body maintenance, and the role of supplements. Now looking back it feels like I went back to graduate school from the sheer volume I read and the insights I

Ulcerative Colitis And Educating Yourself

As I tried to heal ulcerative colitis, I realized that I needed to be part of the solution. That meant reading up on ulcerative colitis by reading anything I could get my hands on. When my illness was in full swing, I had to be close (very close) to the bathroom anyway. So, I had

Finding a Good Doctor and Ulcerative Colitis

Finding a good doctor for healing ulcerative colitis is not easy. Let’s define first what I mean by “good doctor.” For me, a good doctor is a healer. Someone whose sole and only objective is to heal me through whatever means possible. If I were a doctor, and I am not, I would want to

Ulcerative Colitis Alternative Treatment

There is a reason doctors tend to be, on average, against alternative medicine including against alternative treatment for ulcerative colitis. It is the same reason that makes finding a good doctor so difficult. Finding a good doctor can feel like walking through the night with a flashlight, trying to find something. It is not easy, but

Ulcerative Colitis Causes

Something does not add up. Autoimmune diseases, like ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease, have been on a dramatic rise since the 1950s. Take a look at the left chart from this article, showing the incidence of some of the better-known autoimmune diseases since the 1950s. If something is all of sudden true that did not used to

My Ulcerative Colitis Treatment

The two great non-traditional approaches to healing ulcerative colitis, in my experience, are the SCD diet and the Anti-fungal diet. As I think back on what worked for me, here are the ingredients that helped me get better: 1. Diet 2. Anti-fungal Treatment 3. Probiotics 4. Fiber Let’s talk about the components: 1. Diet I

Living With Ulcerative Colitis: My Experience

In early 2004 I started to have diarrhea & blood. Assuming the worst (cancer), I had a colonoscopy done, and that is when my ulcerative colitis was diagnosed. I was relieved that it was not cancer. Having no idea what ulcerative colitis was, I started to read up on it. My doctor was quick to