Living With Ulcerative Colitis: My Experience

the-truthIn early 2004 I started to have diarrhea & blood. Assuming the worst (cancer), I had a colonoscopy done, and that is when my ulcerative colitis was diagnosed. I was relieved that it was not cancer. Having no idea what ulcerative colitis was, I started to read up on it.

My doctor was quick to prescribe me Asacol, but I am a skeptical person. When my doctor told me that no one knows the cause of ulcerative colitis, that no medication will heal me and that in the long term, I might have to consider colon surgery, I was very motivated to find other solutions.

I am a financial analyst by training, and I always do my own research in areas that are important to me. This was just another research project for me. I am also a strong believer that we are all responsible for our lives. Experts like doctors are great resources, but at the end of the day, no one cares as much about you, as you do. It is just human nature.

Also, having grown up in a medical household and being exposed to many of the medical friends of my parents, I saw the indifference and callous nature of many medical professionals first hand. Mind you, there are many great and caring doctors, but the trick is finding those gems. It is not that easy.

In any case, after a lot of research I came across Elaine’s website with her Specific Carbohydrate Diet, which was very helpful in reducing my symptoms. It reduced my symptoms dramatically from 10 (bathroom visits ten times a day) to about 3 (bathroom visits three times a day), but I still had diarrhea and occasionally blood.

Not being content with this result, I wanted medical advice. I did not like my old “prescribe & cut” doctor and fired him. Through some long trial and error, I found a doctor who had great results with patients either a) following Elaine’s diet or b) following the Anti-Fungal Diet.

In my case, I also realized, that psychological factors were at least a contributing, if not causing, factor in my illness and I spent considerable time addressing that aspect of my illness.

The Anti-Fungal Diet worked like a charm for me. My symptoms improved dramatically, and in 2006 I was symptom free and had my life back.

The journey was not easy, but worthwhile.

In the process of adapting my diet, I learned a lot about nutrition, and I don’t believe I will ever go back to the standard American diet, so adequately abbreviated as “SAD.” I have more energy than I ever had before; I don’t have my 3 pm cravings for sweats anymore, and my blood pressure went down.

Looking back, I believe that ulcerative colitis, at least for me, was a blessing in disguise, although at the height of my illness, that would have sounded like a sick joke to me.

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