Finding a Good Doctor and Ulcerative Colitis

gooddoctorFinding a good doctor for healing ulcerative colitis is not easy.

Let’s define first what I mean by “good doctor.” For me, a good doctor is a healer. Someone whose sole and only objective is to heal me through whatever means possible. If I were a doctor, and I am not, I would want to find out how I could heal my patients.

I would realize that we made incredible advances in the field of medicine, but I would also have the humility acknowledging that we are still where Christopher Columbus was in the 15th century. Back then we knew a lot about the world, but there was also a lot we did not know.

As mankind we now can do incredible things in the field of medicine. We can transplant organs. We can regrow cells in damaged knees. We eliminated many diseases that ravaged mankind throughout its history. And there are many more incredible things that modern medicine has done to improve the life of mankind.

At the same time, the journey in medical discovery is far from over. If we truly understood the human body, we should be able to re-grow lost organs like a hand. We can’t. We should be able to heal nerve damage on people who can’t use their body due to nerve damage. We can’t.

A good doctor, in my opinion, knows all that and tries to be a real scientist and go wherever the evidence leads him. A good doctor has a curious and open mind and a deep desire to heal his patients.

A good doctor would recommend conventional medicine when appropriate and recommend alternative medicine when appropriate.

That kind of a good doctor, in my experience, is very hard to find, but I finally figured it out:

Source 1 for finding a good doctorCheck out this website and search for doctors close to you

This website lists the graduates of the Dr. Weil Program of Integrative Medicine. Dr. Weil is a leader in the field of alternative medicine. He is highly educated (Harvard MD), started his career in the conventional field, but realized that conventional medicine is sometimes not enough or just not the right answer.

He is the author of multiple books. Check him out on Amazon or try Googling him.
Source 2 for finding a good doctorCheck out the website of the American Board of Integrative Medicine

After you find a few potential doctors that way, you are not done yet.

I would do my research, and then go to the state licensing board website to look up the short list of doctors you selected. Just google “medical state license lookup florida” if you live in Florida or “medical state license lookup new york” if you live in New York, and so on.

That way you can find out where they received their conventional medical education. Was it a respectable medical school?

For the same reason I would not go to a doctor who is not open to alternative medicine, I would also not go to a doctor who is not well trained in conventional medicine. I want someone who is both.

Now that you have narrowed down your list further, I would visit them for a consultation and chat with them. Discuss your medical issue and see how they react.

You are essentially interviewing them, without them knowing it.

I usually trust my instincts at this point as I select my doctor that I want to use for my medical treatment.

As you can see, the process is a little bit involved, but everything worthwhile takes effort.

It took me 6 months to find my doctor who has been my awesome doctor for the last 10+ years. Part of the 6 months search time was that I did not know of the above mentioned sources (1 and 2 above) when I started my search.

If I had known then what I know now, I believe finding a good doctor can be as short as 2 to 4 weeks.

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