EFT and Ulcerative Colitis

eftEmotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a type of psychological acupressure and part of what is called energy psychology. While it makes use of the same energy flows known in traditional acupuncture, EFT does not involve needles. Instead, gentle tapping with your fingertips is used while you think and speak about your specific problem.

I am very open-minded, but that seemed a little out there when my holistic doctor introduced me to it initially. But it was remarkably effective and I highly recommend it.

What is EFT?

Think of EFT as a mixture of Chinese acupuncture and psychology. Instead of needles, you use your fingers, and instead of a psychologist, you talk to yourself about your emotions while you do it.

Here is short 7 minute video on how EFT can help with healing illnesses:

How EFT works

There is a certain “cooking recipe” on how to use EFT; in what order to tap your various body points and what to say while you do it.

Here is the basic recipe as explained by the EFT founder Gary Craig:

Gary has a website with detailed instructions and tons of material.

Is there scientific research supporting EFT?

Yes, there are. Here are two recent research articles supporting the effectiveness of EFT:

It is honestly not surprising that there is scientific support for EFT. While we know a lot, there is also a lot we don’t know, as I pointed out in my other post Psychology, Emotions and Ulcerative Colitis.

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